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NCL Wipes convenient, easy-to-use wipes – Blog

Easy and Convenient Approach to Disinfect Surfaces

NCL Wipes convenient, easy-to-use wipes – Blog

NCL disinfectant wipes are premium janitorial, healthcare, and institutional wipes. Each canister contains 125 wipes. It is made of the highest quality, superior performance material available. The wipes kill cold virus, flu virus, and 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds. Where hands have touched, NCL wipes.

Application areas:

Schools ᐧ Colleges ᐧ Hospitals ᐧ Medical Offices ᐧ Nursing Homes ᐧ Day Care Centers ᐧ Nurseries ᐧ Institutional Facilities ᐧ USDA Inspected Food Processing Facilities ᐧ Office Buildings ᐧ Restaurants ᐧ Grocery Stores ᐧ Convenience Stores ᐧ Motels ᐧ Prisons ᐧ Salons

Application surfaces:

Chairs ᐧ Counters ᐧ Desks ᐧ Doorknobs ᐧ Faucets ᐧ Glass ᐧ Light Switches Showers ᐧ Sinks ᐧ Tables ᐧ Telephones ᐧ Toilets ᐧ Diaper Changing Tables ᐧ Other Nonporous Surfaces made of Acrylic, Metal, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Upholstery-vinyl and Plastic

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