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ALL-IN-ONE™ Encapsulating Carpet Brush / Bonnet Cleaner

A revolutionary solution for maintaining today’s carpeting. ALL-IN-ONE™ incorporates our premium ECT™ technology, which encapsulates soil and dries to a non-sticky crystal. Soil and residue then vacuum out easily! This low moisture process formula eliminates the need for rinsing and minimizes carpet downtime. Stops discoloration problems caused by wicking. ALL-IN-ONE™ also contains an effective malodor counteractant and a universal fresh fragrance.


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  • Multi-functional performance Brush-Bonnet-Extraction-Pre-Treatment Cleaner / Reduces inventory and simplifies employee training requirements.
  • Incorporates premium ECT™ Crystal Encapsulation Technology / Entrapped soil and residue vacuum out easily for amazingly clean carpets.
  • Designed for use in low moisture cleaning processes / Advanced cleaning performance cleans quickly and effectively, eliminates the need for additional rinsing, minimizes carpet downtime and saves time and labor.
  • Contains malodor counteractants and a universal fresh fragrance / Truly modifies unpleasant odors and leaves behind a universal fresh scent
  • Neutral pH base and does not contain anti-static agents, defoamers, or optical brighteners/ Safe for use on all types of carpet, including stain resistant carpeting
  • Eliminates discoloration problems from wicking
  • VOC Compliant / Free of fluorocarbons