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Tea Tree Oil Gel – 8 oz. A/C Purifier

Pǔre Tea Tree Oil™ Delivers the simplest, most effective solution in controlling yeast, fungi, and mold in your ventilation system without the need for any mechanical apparatus or alteration to your existing system.

Pǔre Tea Tree Oil™ is a formulation of Pure, Distilled Pharmaceutical Graded Australian Tea Tree Oil in a solid bio-degradable gel composition.



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How does this product work?

Uses naturally distilled tea tree oil to effectively clean indoor air. Using nature’s most powerful disinfectant, purifier, and deodorizer. Utilizes natural airflow to evaporate tea tree oil in your indoor environment. 

Why Tea Tree Oil Gel?

Effective against most common molds found indoors, as well as bacteria, fungi, mildew caused by moisture, and unwanted odors. This is an allergy-friendly product.