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The right way to clean and maintain your home drain pipe system

The right way to clean and maintain your home drain pipe system

Effective drain pipe system maintenance – Blog 18

The water of the home drainage system is pulled by gravity through the house into the septic tank. For this reason, the drainage system should be well maintained. There are multiple drain pipe conditions. This blog focuses on what can affect the drain system and how to prevent it.

3 Most Common Drain Pipe Conditions

1) Low Areas Sags/Bellies = Low areas sag generates a slope along the pipe due to soil compaction.

The sag will slow and possibly stop the water flow through a sewer pipe.


2) Buildup = Buildup happens when high protein material such as fats, oils and grease sticks then hardens

inside the pipe wall. The thicker the buildup, the more it reduces the pipe flow.


3) Tree Roots = Tree roots cast in drain pipe when the pipe softens and rotten.

The tree roots will grow and multiply over time.


5 Tips to avoid drain line blockage:

  1. Limit disposal of food in the kitchen drain line.
  2. Do not place non-food items in the drain pipes.
  3. Use single layer toilet paper.
  4. Supervise your roots.
  5. Clean your plumbing system with natural products.


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